Monday, September 27, 2010

First Thoughts from the Loo

Disclaimer: I did not actually write this while indisposed. It was a busy day. The laptop did not make it into the bathroom. However, these were my thoughts while attending to the most natural of needs.
Jeans are one of those pieces of clothing that can often tell you a lot about the person wearing them. Shoes do the same thing, but they are accessories. Plus I wasn't wearing shoes today, so they didn't cross my mind until just now. Anyway, today, I realized that while the jeans I was wearing were from before my pregnancy (Please, take a moment to give me props for being back into them.), they definitely represent the changes in my life. Mostly because they were covered in slobbery little apple bits from the snack my son and I had just shared. And I was still wearing them. I didn't take them off until I put my PJs on about 15 minutes ago.
I know a year ago if something like that ended up on my jeans, I would have been changing them, or at least running into the laundry room or bathroom to get as much of it off as possible. Now, apple bits are tame compared to some of the other baby byproducts that usually adorn my ensembles (if by ensemble you mean jeans and a t-shirt).
At least I did put them in the hamper which was tough because I firmly believe that jeans should never be worn just once. There is nothing as comfortable as a pair of jeans on the second day. But I have not sunk to the level on which I would re-wear apple bits. Yet.
Now I have to sleep because the new season of Sesame Street premieres tomorrow, and I want to make sure I am well rested.

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