Friday, April 2, 2010

The Awesomeness of My Life

I have two great loves, my husband and my son. In a couple of months there will be a third to add to that list. The true blessing is that I have come to realize that what I always thought I wanted in life, is indeed, what I really want. I don't know if there is anything in life that is as contenting as knowing that. It is a quest we seek to complete most of our lives, many of us never really finding it, or even more sadly, ignoring it when we have. Being a wife and a mother is exactly why I am here. It makes every day, good or bad, completely meaningful even the spitting up, endless bottle cleaning, and the dirty laundry all over the floor of John's side of the bedroom. Heck, it's taken me a week to try and write this blog entry.
What makes everything so worthwhile has nothing to do with what a lot of books, TV shows, or movies are trying to sell. Contentment is so much more internal that we are led to believe. It is my responsibility to appreciate what I have. It is not anyone else's responsibility to make me happy. That is the key to my life. I expect to love my life, so I do. It's pretty cool.