Friday, April 8, 2011


Maybe I should let the kids cry it out. Maybe I should nap. Maybe I'm too busy to go back to school. Maybe I worry too much about what I say and not enough about what I do. Maybe the laundry can wait another day. Maybe I'm not at creative as I think I am. Maybe I am a great big joke. Maybe I am the funniest person ever. Maybe my kids aren't as cute as I think they are. Maybe they are even cuter than I think they are. Maybe I am not good enough. Maybe I am perfect. Maybe I really wish I could make this blog into something people would read. Maybe that is a pile of shit, and I suck and no one cares. Maybe I really do have the time. Maybe I have less time than I think. Maybe that shouldn't matter. Maybe I need more sleep. I know I need more sleep. I know I want to blog more. I don't know if anyone cares or should. I know I need to stop now.

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