Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hotel Sex

I am, and have been since the first time, a huge fan of hotel sex. There is something so free about hotel sex. Only one job in my life has ever sent me on a business trip, so I am only in a hotel for social trips, more often than not, weddings. Let's face it. Weddings already lean the braincells toward sex. And often we end up having a good bit of time to fill waiting for whatever scheduled events in which we are at the hotel to participate. The hotel room is really a place to forget about most outside stuff that stresses us out on a daily basis. And in your home bedroom, no matter how much you try, that stuff leaks in. Not in a hotel room. It has no personality. No history for me. We am really in that room to do nothing but use the bed for everything we can possibly think of. So the sex is varied and often.
And just when I didn't think hotel sex could get better, we became parents.
All the cliches about parenthood and sex are pretty much true. The presents of children in a household do not make for much time or energy for the romance. So hotel sex? Yeah, it takes on a whole new level of fun. It can become the priority it once was. There is no chance of the cockblocking screams from the nursery. There will be the chance to sleep before and/or after. We could have morning sex again! And then go back to sleep!
It is easy to lose the importance of sex in a relationship when it leads to the existence of beings who are way more needy than either of the parents are. Hotel rooms are a great way to remind ourselves.


  1. ha ha - love this post! as a hotel manager, i have a pretty good sense of what happens in hotel rooms ;) sometimes we even make up little backstories about our guests. it's always fun to imagine the possibilities...

  2. Haha. I would totally do that too!

  3. AMEN SISTER FRIEND! We have a baby IN THE ROOM & we have referred to our 4 year old as CB MAgee (cock block magee) since he was a baby because the minute my husband's hand crossed the line in the middle of the bed that kid would wake up! So when we get the rare chance to be in a hotel it's game on! A few years ago we went to Vegas to renew our vows for our 5 yr. It was fuuun! We screamed, yelled, and made use of any and all furniture in the room! Damn. I need to get a room.....

    Margaret (@goodbadfamily)