Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Technology Woes

Social networking is one of those things that most of us use but about which we all make fun. Because the home button on my iPhone died, I have learned that Facebook and Twitter are rather more important to me than I at one time thought.
See without a working home button, I have to shut the phone on and off to go between apps. This now makes me think really hard about what I need to do on my phone. Is it really worth going through the shutdown and startup cycle? So I really just leave it on the phone or text messaging because after all those are suppose to be its main functions, you know necessary communication with family and friends and doctor's offices. And because if I sit down with my laptop my son decides he needs to not only push the buttons but also to pull them off and eat them, I am not on Facebook and Twitter as much as I was. (They were my main bathroom distraction. After all, I can hold my phone out of my son's reach and still use it.) And I miss them. I always thought that it wouldn't be a big deal to give them up if I wanted. They were frivolous distractions.
I was wrong.
I did not realize how much I depended on them for a connection to the outside world. Don't get me wrong, I am pretty proud of how much I manage to get out of the house with two kids under a year, but still I am home with two people who can't talk a lot. I try not to have the TV on too much. Facebook and Twitter are a good way to keep the need for adult conversation at bay without going back to work and paying for daycare. Plus, I can have conversations online that are not about my kids. When I go out of the house in the real world, most of my time and talk are still devoted my kids. Not online. I can talk about them if I want, but there are lots of other topics floating around out there. Like boobs.
So I miss you guys out there.
Anyone want to send me an iPhone 4?

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  1. time for a new phone even if it's not an iphone