Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Purpose Driven(trademarked) Life

I haven't read the book of my title. In fact, when I looked it up, I realized I didn't have the name correct. I thought it was A Purpose Filled Life. Anyway, the gist of the book, according to Amazon (Sorry, Stefi), it's "Like a twist on John F. Kennedy's famous inaugural address, this book could be summed up like this: 'So my fellow Christians, ask not what God can do for your life plan, ask what your life can do for God's plan.'" Hm, OK. I know lots of people who have gotten a lot from this book. Good for them. I say anything that makes you feel better about your day-to-day existence is fantastic. (As long as you aren't using what makes you feel better to look down on others who do not share your beliefs.)
I bring this up because I have been thinking a lot about purpose lately.
I never really thought about how much making money is seen as a person's purpose. And if you aren't making money, you better be raising little human beings, doing something like working with lepers, or bathing birds with Dawn after an oil spill.
Me? I keep my house clean. I stain my deck. I clean out closets. I try to cook. I walk my dogs. I work out. I do a little writing.
It can feel, at moments, like a Purposeless Driven Life, especially since I am waiting for the Purpose I Have Always Known Is Going To Be The Ultimate Purpose Of My Life. But I feel good when my house is clean and all these little projects are done. The laundry doesn't turn into a mountain climbing expedition. Appointments get made in a timely manner. We don't have to worry about one of us taking off to let in a plumber or piano tuner.
Yet I fight a guilt that says this is not enough of a contribution. I think this says more about the state of the society in which I live than me. OK, it does say something about me too because I always find something to feel guilty about.
On the whole, though, I am doing my best to enjoy the calm before the storm that will be the next eighteen years.
Oh, I am also working up the nerve to post some stories I have written. I will if you promise to like them.

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